5 Most Expensive Smartphones 2018

If you want to buy a smartphone, you will search for the features and the quality of mobile before purchasing it. The features you look for are like battery timing,


If you want to buy a smartphone, you will search for the features and the quality of mobile before purchasing it. The features you look for are like battery timing, camera, design, display size, fingerprint scanner, bezel-less display and many more. The mobile phone is an essential part of your life because, without the mobile phone, you are incomplete.

But on the other hand, there is some Luxury mobile phones tech. We are presenting you some of the most expensive mobile phone in the market which is only manufactured for the elite and luxuries people. Now, you might wonder, why people would buy so much expensive mobile phone if they can afford all the features in a low budget Smartphone. There are some people who are fond of luxuries things like if we take the example of cars, they are built for the traveling purpose but yet, there are many luxury vehicles in the world which also have the same basic purpose of traveling and riding as other ordinary cars. Same like that, there are some of the most expensive Smartphones manufactured which we are going to enlist for you.

As we know about the iPhone X and iPhone X MAX, many of us, gossip about these Smartphones that they are so much expensive to buy,  because they really don’t know there are more expensive mobile phones in the market. The stunning thing is that the people really buy such an expensive mobile phone just to fulfill the luxuries.  Following are the most expensive mobile phone you haven’t seen before.

1.iPhone Black Diamond

This is one of the most expensive mobile phone ever manufactured till now. iPhone 5 with Black diamond is currently the expensive smartphone. As many people are using the iPhone 5, they are not aware of this mobile phone. Looking at the software side of this Black diamond iPhone it provides the same features as simple iPhone 5 is giving. The black diamond which is a rare diamond is the main reason that this mobile is called the most expensive mobile. It is made of 24-carat gold and the home button of this iPhone is built with a 26-carat black diamond.  If we see the back Logo of the apple, it comes with white diamonds. This device is covered with 600 precious stones which are crusted all over the body of iPhone 5. Out of 600, 53 are housed at the Back Logo.  This mobile phone is ordered by a Chinese businessman and the worth of this mobile phone is almost 11.75 Million. If we compare the mobile price of these luxuries phones, this mobile is the most expensive phone than the other mentioned mobile phones.

2.iPhone King Button

iPhone which is known for its expensive yet brilliant features, it continues its journey for manufacturing the smartphone for the luxuries people. If we go back to 2009, this iPhone 3G was one of the most expensive mobile phone ever with a worth price of 2.5 Million dollars. The price of this mobile phone is so much high just because of the home button. Now, you may think why the home button costs too much? The answer to this question is that the home button is replaced with the huge diamond. This phone is made of solid 18 carats yellow gold whereas, the body is encrusted with the 138 cut diamonds. The home button is encrusted with the 6.6-carat diamond that makes it an expensive mobile.

3.Signature Cobra

The signature cobra mobile phone comes with a price tag of 2.47 million Dollars. The luxury phone maker Vertu manufactured this mobile phone that includes a snake figure warped around the edges of this mobile. Talking about the body, it consists of the 439 Rubies and the snake eyes are encrusted with the emeralds which makes it an expensive phone.  The mobile is made up of almost 388 parts which were further assembled in the UK. The amazing thing about this mobile phone is that if you purchase this mobile, the company delivers the mobile via helicopter at your house.

4.Golden iPhone

The golden iPhone is the 4S elite gold version. This smartphone also comes with a diamond and gold carats encrusted around its body. The worth of this golden iPhone is almost 9.4 million dollars which is equivalent to £6,000,000. If we talk about the body, it has almost 500 diamonds that are encrusted at the body of this gold iPhone. The back section of this apple phone is formed with 24-carat gold and looking at the Logo of Apple at the rear of the phone, the logo has 53 diamonds encrusted to it. The main navigation is made from gold with a single cut of 8.6-carat diamond. The amazing thing is that the body and chest of this mobile are made of solid platinum with the polished pieces of T-REX. Yes, this is a real, the iPhone gold’s chest is polished with a dinosaur bone pieces.

5.Solarin Super Secure Smartphone

Unfortunately, after the release of this mobile phone, Solarin Company was closed after one year and did not launch any of its new expensive mobile phones. This Solarin Super secure Smartphone is also the expensive mobile phone not because of crusted diamonds and gold. The security of this smartphone makes it expensive. The Solarin uses the data encryption system which is the most secure way to protect your data. By this encryption system, it is unreachable to others and only the owner of this mobile can access this mobile phone, the unauthorized person cannot use this mobile phone. The worth of Solarin Smartphone is almost $17000.

Final Words

These mobile phones with the worth price in millions are not affordable for a common person. These mobile phones are built for the billionaires or for those who are fond of luxury things. So relax, we can only read this article because we cannot afford such mobile phones.

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