How to connect your mobile to the easy TV?

In this guide, we show you several ways to connect your mobile to the TV easily and quickly. Let there be no excuses to enjoy the content of your smartphone on a large


.Did you know that you can connect your mobile to TV to launch content in real time from your smartphone to the TV screen? This allows you to enjoy games, show photos to family and friends, watch videos on a larger screen … with little effort. In this guide, we will explain what options you have to enjoy the content of your smartphone on your TV. It is not very difficult, and there are several alternatives to do so depending on the manufacturer.

Connect the mobile to the cable TV

It is the simplest option for Android phones. Some smartphones have a specific micro HDMI port and others allow connection through the mini USB port through an adapter.

If your phone has a Micro HDMI connector

The micro HDMI port looks very similar to the mini USB, so it is usually labeled “HDMI” to differentiate it. If your phone has an HDMI port, it’s as simple as connecting a compatible cable (micro HDMI to HDMI) between the terminal and a TV with HDMI input to see your mobile’s screen at once.

If your phone only has a USB connector

If your phone does not have a micro HDMI port, you can connect it thanks to the mini USB charger. But keep in mind that your phone must be compatible with MHL technology (Mobile High Definition Link) or with Slimport. Otherwise, the USB port will not work with your TV. In addition, you will need a compatible cable or adapter. In the manual or box of your mobile, you can see if your terminal is compatible with MHL or Slimport.


If your phone is compatible with MHL, you will only need one cable. The technical name is MHL cable active. On the one hand, it connects to the USB port of the mobile and on the other to the HDMI of the TV. It is called active because it has a third USB connector that goes to the power (for example, a USB charger or a USB port on the TV). Sometimes, instead of a cable, it can be an adapter that goes to the mobile and to which we can connect a normal HDMI cable.

The MHL is the standard used by Sony, Nokia and Samsung phones since these companies are part of the MHL Consortium. Although some Samsung phones may require a special type of MHL cable (the Samsung adapter from micro-USB to HDMI, which has an 11-pin USB connector – instead of 5-). Therefore, it is important to confirm that the cable you buy is compatible with your mobile model.

If the cable is a “passive” type, it is a simpler cable that does not connect to the power (it only has the micro USB and HDMI connector). But in this case, our TV must be compatible with MHL technology, something that is not so usual. So we recommend buying an active type cable in case of doubt.


An alternative technology to the MHL is the Slimport, which other mobile models use (the Google Nexus, LG, Blackberry, ZTE or Asus ). To know which devices support SlimPort, you can check the list on its official page. In the manual of your mobile, you can also see if the phone is compatible with SlimPort or MHL.

The main advantages of the SlimPort are that the adapter does not need a power supply, that it is capable of transmitting HD video and that it is also available for VGA (for TVs that do not have HDMI). If in addition, your television has a DisplayPort, you can charge the phone while transmitting the signal (unfortunately it is present in a few models).

The main drawback of the SlimPort is its price since these cables are more expensive than the MHL (the SlimPort cost between 25 and 30 euros) and are mostly purchased only online on the official website (it is rare to find it in a physical store).

Keep in mind that with MHL or Slimport cables on your TV you will see absolutely everything that appears on your mobile screen (including the menu buttons). And if you turn off the mobile screen, you will not see anything on TV. Also, you can not charge the phone while you have it on the TV.

And if your TV does not have an HDMI input, you should use an external signal transformer (HDMI to component or VGA) or you can also buy ultra HD KVM switch and make it work.

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