Introducing you to Data Science- Myths Vs Realities!

Data Science Myths and Realities! Let’s take you on a tour and infuse your brain with the right information.

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Data Science is the next big thing IT professionals are looking forward to. With the increase in the demand for data science professionals, the need for data science certifications is increasing. data science certification is a good start to have an edge over your peers as it gives the employers a proven ability of your skills to solve data problems. It assures big data recruiters that you have the real-time competence to do data science in a smarter, faster and optimized way.

The infographic by DASCA showcases the Data Science Myths and Realities! Let’s take you on a tour and infuse your brain with the right information. Because it’s high time to debunk the myths and embrace the realities.

Who said Data Science is for the experts in statistics and Mathematics? Well, data scientists are not math addicts. You don’t need to be tech-savvy and have a super genius brain to be a data scientist. The only skill required is the tenacity to learn. It is often said that one needs to have tools and techniques to master the field of data science. Mind you! Gathering the data from anywhere and getting insights out of the collected data is the real talent of data science professionals.

Is Data Science really a science? Get your facts checked right away! Data Science is a mix of art and science that is not confined to the use of scientific methods to solve business problems. You need to be an expert in logic, reasoning, skills, and experiences. Of course, the use of science is important while writing code and working with machine learning tools but the logical thinking of tackling a problem by devising a plan gives rise to art. How interesting this sounds, right?!


Aren’t you able to find Data Science Resource for your organization? The answer to this is- Look for the experts within the organization! Instead of hiring external talent, identify experts with innovative ideas and provide them the training to soak in the data science methods. Isn’t this an easy and cheap way? Even an aspiring data scientist can learn and grow with the help of data science certifications.


Is it necessary to possess coding skills? Ask yourself a question- Do I have problem-solving skills? If the answer to this question is yes, congratulations my friend! You are ideal to survive in the world of data science. It is vital to know that coding is a part of data science. The potentiality to solve the problems with the verified findings and the ability to work in a team matters the most along with the amateur to moderate level of coding skills.


A data science industry has a lot to offer. From entry-level to experienced, the field has something in store for everyone. 

Entry-level data scientist salary- $75900+

Mid-level data scientist salary- $91,900+

Experienced data scientist salary- $112,100+


The road to data science is easy to take. Data science career path is shown correctly in the infographic. Get a Bachelors degree in mathematics or business related field like computer science, statistics, and economics amongst many others. The next step will be to apply for data scientist jobs. Go for the data science certifications and courses to enhance your learning. They will make your stay at the edge of the information and technology. 

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