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For your convenience, the list of maintenance items is broken down into detailed subjects. The section on best practice items can be used to determine plant management


The creative meaning of maintenance involves the functional inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement of necessary equipment, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure and utility support in the industrial, business, government and residential installations. Over time, this has often included both scheduled and preventive maintenance as cost-effective practices for maintaining equipment.

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Over time, the maintenance terminology has begun to become standardized. The following definitions is the general definition of maintenance: Any activity such as testing, measuring, replacing, adjusting and repairing — intended to retain or restore a efficient unit in or to a quantified state in which the item can accomplish its mandatory functions. All measures taken to retain or restore material to serviceability in a serviceable condition. It includes inspections, tests, maintenance, serviceability classification, repair, reconstruction and reclamation. All supply and repair measures taken to maintain a force in a position to fulfill its mission.

There are times when a fast source of reliability and maintenance technology is all you need. Maintenance Company in Dubai provides you with numerous maintenance and best practice on maintenance technology, home maintenance, reliability and maintenance management. Our team and maintenance consultants work most for maintenance while the rest are written by contributing authors. Our consultants work daily with reliability and plant engineering staff around the world to improve the reliability of their plants. The articles reflect this work by means of common sense solutions to a number of maintenance and maintenance problems. The best practice are based on the best practices that our consultants see in their daily life. For your convenience, the list of maintenance items is broken down into detailed subjects. The section on best practice items can be used to determine plant management and home maintenance goals.

            Types of maintenance

Basically, five types of maintenance were distinguished, which differ according to the nature of the tasks involved: 

  • Corrective maintenance: the tasks are designed to correct the defects found in the different equipment and communicated by users of the same equipment to the maintenance department. 
  • Preventive Maintenance: Its mission is to maintain a certain level of equipment service and to program the interventions of its vulnerabilities at the most appropriate time. It is a systematic character, i.e. the equipment is inspected even if there are no symptoms of a problem. 
  • Predictive maintenance: It constantly knows and reports the status and operational capacity of the facilities by knowing the values of certain variables that represent such state and operational capacity. To carry out this maintenance, physical variables (temperature, vibration, power consumption, etc.) must be identified. Which variation is indicative of possible problems in the equipment? This maintenance is the most technical because it requires advanced technical resources and mathematical, physical and/or technical knowledge at times.
  • Zero Hours Maintenance: the set of tasks to review the equipment at scheduled intervals before any failure occurs, either when the reliability of the equipment has decreased significantly, so that production capacity forecasts are risky. This review is based on allowing the equipment to run for zero hours, which is as if the equipment was new. These reviews are used to replace or repair all wearable items. The aim is to ensure a good working time fixed in advance with a high probability.
  • Periodic maintenance (Time Based Maintenance TBM): basic equipment maintenance by users. It consists of a series of basic tasks (data collections, visual inspections, cleaning, lubrication, tightening screws, etc.) for which there is no need for extensive training, but perhaps only a short training. This maintenance type is based on Total Productive Maintenance.

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