Sodium Ethoxide – Formula, Preparation, & Risks

Sodium ethoxide, also called as Sodium ethylate, is a kind of non-toxic, alkoxide salt which can come in both powders and also in solution form with ethanol.


Sodium ethoxide, also called as Sodium ethylate, is a kind of non-toxic, alkoxide salt which can come in both powders and also in solution form with ethanol.


The chemical equation for Sodium ethoxide is C2H5ONA.

Sodium ethoxide Preparation:

Preparation of Sodium ethoxide should be possible by chemically reacting sodium hydroxide or sodium metal with ethyl alcohol which makes it a liquid form.

2 C2H5OH + 2 Na → 2 C2H5ONa + H2.

A reaction between sodium hydroxide and anhydrous ethanol gives us Sodium ethoxide with water. The process of removing the water by utilizing a drying agent is straightforward after that you will have pure Sodium ethoxide.

C2H5OH + NaOH ⇌ C2H5ONa + H2O

The strong or powdered type of Sodium ethoxide is in yellow color. If you will observe in 2-Amino-pyridine is colorless.

Sodium ethoxide in Ethanol:

When sodium is added to ethanol, the substance reaction produces hydrogen gas which produces bubbles and leaves a sodium ethoxide solution. Sodium ethoxide is a type of alkoxide. The solution of sodium ethoxide in ethanol is colorless. Sodium ethoxide, when added to water, responds to make ethyl alcohol or ethanol.

Sodium ethoxide Breaking Point:

The breaking point of Sodium ethoxide is at 91 degree Celsius and the breaking point of 2-Amino-pyridine is 210 degree Celsius.

Sodium ethoxide MSDS:

Sodium ethoxide is dangerous to human health, if it comes in touch with the skin and eyes it is harmful. The chemical can cause blisters and irritations and if it comes in contact with the eyes, may also result in blindness. Breathing in or ingesting this chemical compound will give you severe medical issues like:

  • The mucous membranes will be harm
  • Irritation of respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts

  • Choking
  • Unconsciousness
  • Lung damage

In severe cases, it might also prompt to death.

In some cases, if this chemical comes in contact with the physical body, adequate care should be taken to maintain a distance from any severe health issues. If by mistake sodium ethoxide comes in contact with your eyes, the eyes should be washed right away with clean water for a few minutes, and get in touch with the doctor to be on the side of caution.

Breathing this chemical vapor may cause genuine breathing issues. The patient in this situation should be promptly taken to a zone of fresh air. Artificial breath and oxygen may be essential for returning to normal breathing.

Special sodium ethoxide safety measures are expected to follow while managing this chemical. While taking care of this chemical, some protective gear like sprinkle goggles, vapor/clean respirator, gloves and suit, and so on.  These Should be used, that will guarantee the absence of direct presentation.

Sodium ethoxide is classified as Hazard Class 4.2:

While wastes off of sodium ethoxide, it ought to be done in ways that are as per state, federal and local ecological directions to avoid potential perilous conditions.

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