The Transforming role of HR Professionals

HR professional has an added set of responsibilities in their kitty, therefore, the bar has been raised for the entire industry and new roles, as well as capabilities

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Human Resources has made a transition from being a people function to an essential business function and it is high time that HR leaders get accustomed to this change and prepare for the future accordingly. This field is definitely at crossroads and there is a profound need for new competencies to be generated to cope up with this evolution.

The modern HR professional has an added set of responsibilities in their kitty, therefore, the bar has been raised for the entire industry and new roles, as well as capabilities, will have to be infused to bring effectiveness. HR leaders are not only a brace to the people of the company but are also the strategic partners that are supposed to instill efficaciousness into every department and process to attract unmatched success to the business. 

It was a long time ago when HR began to evolve, but the change that we see today is absolutely unparalleled. The capable HR professionals are striving to widen the spectrum of transformation, from radically reconstructing HR proficiencies to broaden the scope for work. 

HR Professionals acting as Organization’s Architects

According to Carrig, Chief Human Resources Officer at SunTrust Banks Inc., along with Onozuka-Evans, the principal of AOSIS Consulting LLC, HR professionals should gain expertise in six crucial competencies in order to obtain human capital knowledge which enhances business value. They must:

•    Understand the business and industry from inside and out.

•    Establish as the strategic advisors with the ability to communicate the necessary tasks to implement a strategy.

•    On the attributes of a cultural steward as well as a credible activist to accomplish business results.

•    Welcome data analyst competencies to help organizations to contemplate where to make an investment and where to divest with respect to human capital.

•    Become a talent development facilitator and craft talent development capabilities all across the organization.

•    Cultivate an innovative culture that fosters disparate thinking along with new ideas.

Humans are the most powerful asset to a company and to really exploit the strength of human capital for improving business performance, HR Practitioners shall have to embrace the mindset of an organizational architect.

Adopting Modern Organization Models

It has been reported that nine out of ten global executives believe that organizational structure is the topmost priority. Therefore, Human Resources must look for new techniques to upgrade leadership development, employee learning, performance management along with career progression. 

HR leaders should work towards creating an environment where professionals from different departments collaborate on projects and move on to other assignments after the completion of the project.

It is complex to perform in a conventional work setting, hence, HR has got to build a more engaged workforce by developing a sound understanding of employee behavior and designing practices to keep the staff more involved and satisfied in the workplace.

HR professionals should continue to gather knowledge and develop practice-based proficiencies in order to carry out their jobs effectively. However, the future shall demand them to pay similar attention to organizational challenges and refining their personal capabilities.

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