The Utility of Blockchain for Education

Education is becoming diversified, decentralized, democratized, as well as disintermediated and with developments.

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Owning the potential to bring significant changes in a myriad of fields, Blockchain is all set to spread its wings and fly extremely high and reach to the top where it actually deserves to be.

There is a wide scope for Blockchain technologies in disparate genres of work. In this article, there is going to be a discussion on how it can significantly transform the education sector and the resistance that it might face from the orthodox thinkers that are practically prevalent in every domain.

Before conversing about Blockchain education, let us have a talk over what this technological marvel is all about.

Blockchain Technology- The Concept

Fundamentally, Blockchain can be perceived as a distributed database which is spread across various computers that have no central control. Therefore, there is not a single entity for altering governance, businesses, the economy along with the functioning of companies. As a matter of fact, though it was created to support Bitcoin, it is being used to brace other commodities and services– credits, badges as well as qualifications.

The blockchain is basically a chain of blocks in which every block is transparent and entirely tamper-proof. It also consists of a timestamp and offers inerasable proof for all the transactions recorded in it. Moreover, Blockchain does not rely on a third party, it endorses a frictionless mode of transacting with other people.

In layman’s terms, Blockchain removes the requirement of a middleman from the system. The point is that there isn’t any central database because all the things are distributed, synchronized, public as well as encrypted. Further, all the transactions in a blockchain are registered with a genuine time, date along with other details and is then validated by immensely complex and smart math. 

So essentially, Blockchain technology promises a highly efficacious, secure as well as a transparent method of managing transactions which could save a massive amount of effort and time spent in administration. 

Blockchain for Education

The educational sector has been utilizing its institutional silos for ages and requires a profound renovation of processes in order to enhance their effectiveness.

The Blockchain technology can be applied in individual institutions, groups of institutions, along with both national as well as international bodies in the education arena. In point of fact, it would be side to consider the usage of Blockchain securing, storing badges, qualifications, and credits together with making relevant educational data available to other people.

Education is becoming diversified, decentralized, democratized, as well as disintermediated and with developments like these, there is an urgency to sustain reputation, proof of learning and trust in certification. Moreover, a pressing focus on relevancy and employability also demands the education realm to move in this direction where everything seems more transparent. This creative technological invention offers a just system that provides an open, secure and reliable database.

In actuality, there are a number of institutions who have deep faith in this new technology and have already been utilizing blockchain for storing and delivering the issued certificates. They have used it as a technique for curbing fake certifications. Two-factor authentication along with encryption is being used to construct, sign-off on as well as place the certification inside the blockchain database.

Furthermore, Blockchain for education facilitates global assessments as the contemporary system for certification is not fit for that purpose. What I am trying to explain is that a paper system is prone to fraud and loss. And, with a growingly mobile population comprising of students along with workers, it makes more sense to have a centralized database for achievements and credentials.

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