Top 5 business ideas for 2019!

Top 5 business ideas

2019 has started and many students and youngsters are waiting eagerly to open their startup after the completion of degree programs.

So, those who are eager should look that what’s in trend nowadays, because today, the needs are different. But, it doesn’t mean that you have a few options. 2019 has brought lots of opportunities with it. You can open different kinds of startups. Some of the moneymaking start ups ideas are

Social media marketing

Today, every other comoany, every other clothing or any kind of shop is on social media too. You can go to their Facebook pages or Instagram accounts to know what they have in store. In other words, they have shops in virtual world too. To handle their virtual shops and increase the customers, they need help of social media marketing agencies. Therefore, every other company has its own social media manager. That is the reason, why it is the booming nowadays! To run this business, all you need is laptop, writing skills and skills of designing or making pictures, or you can hire a few content writers and graphic designers to make their virtual shops engaging and make their sales double.

Web development

To double their sales, every company is occupying space on world wide web too. And to get that space, they need to develop a website. Therefore, they need a web developer, who can make a website and handle that website. That’s why its not bad to open a startup of web development. For this, you have to learn to develop the website and digital management. Then ask your friends to consult you for web development services. If the business get some plus points, then expand it.

Repairing of Gadgets

Today, everyone is gadgets’ user. And like every other thing, gadgets can also be broken or problem-some. Therefore, there is a need of gadgets’ repairer. So, it means this business will give you lots of money. All you need is to learn skills of repairing gadgets, then start repairing tablets or iPhones phones of your siblings, friends and that’s the point where you can open your shop of repairing.

Online Courses

If you are good in studying and love to learn about different subjects, then it’s the best option for you. Today many students and even students study online by enrolling in different courses. All you can do is make material for any course and give it to the website. And the website will pay you for it. But, remember, first read a lot and then write.


People love to travel. But they also love information. That’s why they hire guiders to guide them which place is for what. And if you are fond of travelling, then go for it! The future will be bright!

So, these are the top five startup ideas for 2019, according to many business analysts and btec level 3 business assignments.  2019 is more towards digitalization, and self-realization. Therefore, it is providing more business opportunities to youngsters especially who know how to use smartphones better than adults. So if you dream to be entrepreneur, then choose any idea of them.

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