Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Doctor Appointment Booking App?


Over 7.7 billion people are living on this planet and the numbers are expected to grow by million-numbers by the year 2020 – with so sign of close to getting stabilized. While this sound like a heap of opportunities for healthcare organizations like you, it is nonetheless than a challenge.

An increase in population will bring a steep rise in the demand for healthcare services. The traditional healthcare processes will no longer be enough to handle the rise in the number of patients and the associated processes, implying they will have to turn towards IT ecosystem to enhance their processes and meet the demand – especially when talking about doctor appointment booking process.

As per the market reports, the healthcare IT market will cross $200 billion by 2020 – with many new players emerging out in the market. In fact, in the US only, 64% of patients will turn towards online platforms to book an appointment and 66% of healthcare firms will invest in the development of medical appointment scheduling apps. 

In such a scenario, it will be mandatory for all the healthcare service providers to invest in building a doctor appointment booking app to ensure a bigger slice of the profitable market ahead. Or, to put it in simpler words, developing a doctor appointment booking app like ZocDoc, Practo, HealthTap, and Otboo will be must for existence.

Despite this, if you are still confused why to reach out to a reputed healthcare app development company and become a part of this bandwagon, here are some of the benefits of having a doctor booking app:-

  1. More Consultations

A mobile application, using technologies like location-based services, enhances your approach to reach patients. It brings you in the limelight when the patients search for nearby hospitals or clinics. It helps you to communicate with multiple users at the same time and pitch them personalized offers using Predictive Analytics technology. This fosters making more consultation bookings.

Besides, the mobile technology simplifies the process of rescheduling an appointment which decreases the chances of patients dropping the plan to visit your healthcare organization.

  1. Considerable Convenience

Scheduling an appointment over the phone means calling in the working hours. While this seems fine, it brings inconvenience to those working at the same time. Besides, various users are reluctant to picking or making calls for booking a consultation. 

In this scenario, a doctor booking application like Practo or Zocdoc adds convenience to the process. It empowers them to book a consultation with a few taps on their devices, which improve their experience and swell in the number of consultations booked per day.

  1. Real-Time Support

From booking a consultation to rescheduling it, consulting doctor online and asking for other perks, a mHealth application assists healthcare organisations in offering effective support to patients in real-time. This strengthens their relationship as well as make it easier for healthcare practitioners to better utilize their time and gain higher ROI.

  1. Ease of Payment

Another advantage of considering a doctor appointment mobile application is ease of payment. Unlike the traditional payment mechanism, a mobile app enables the patients to pay within the app using their credit card or other bank account details. This digitalization not only gives both patients and doctors an escape from a shortage of cash but also accelerates the payment process and add a pinch of security to it. In other words, it is possible to receive a consultation fee from multiple patients at any span of time safely and easily, which eventually results in higher experience. 

  1. Higher Staff Productivity

On an average, a staff member spends 5 minutes on the telephonic consultation book and appointment management. This means, if they book 100 consultations a day, it consumes about 500 minutes (i.e., 8 hours). 

Now, when you automate this process via a medical appointment application, these 8 productive hours are saved. Your staff can turn towards other tasks and process, which signifies higher productivity at a lower investment.

  1. Powerful Brand Marketing

A mobile app residing in the mobile market and on the phone screens of your users also acts as a marketing tool. It brings you in touch with a wider user base and keeps them updated with your services, offers, and other related informative content using technologies like Push notifications, Machine Learning, Beacon, etc.

  1. Low Investment

A mobile application, as already covered, streamlines the processes and ensures that maximum output is obtained with lower staff. It brings all the healthcare operations and options under a single roof and boosts promotion process. 

This, as a whole, throws light on the fact that the cost to develop a doctor appointment app like Zocdoc is comparatively a lower investment than continuing with the traditional healthcare processes.

As listed in the aforementioned pointers, integrating a medical appointment scheduling booking app into your existing process will enhance the whole environment and offer higher opportunities. It will help in paving a way of consulting more patients, gaining higher patient trust, doing a profitable business, and enjoying limelight in the market.

So, what’s your thought about it? Are you ready to consider developing a doctor appointment booking app? Or still, have some queries? Feel free to contact our experts.

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