Writing for the Spotlight

Writing for the Spotlight

The times are digital and the landscape of the world has witnessed a hundred and eighty degree shift all thanks to technology. Marketing has reached a new high with Digital Marketing and Machine Learning algorithms; making a variety of processes simpler. Cloud computing has enabled bundles of data to be stored in the air and communication has never been easier. Writers are now assuaging their yearning for writing by writing for businesses and of course, profits.

Who knew? You could make it big as a freelance writer now!

Article Writing and Copywriting for Profits

It is not uncommon to come across many people stating their designations as ‘content writers, copywriters, web content writers, web copywriters’ and much more. Those of us who are obscure to this dimension of earning nowadays are taken aback as to how is ‘writing’ supposedly elevating the financial status of people, whereas writing was a profession rarely pursued by anyone due to the fear of lack of prospects and financial gain.

But the times have changed and writing can garner you profits in miscellaneous forms.

Articles and blogs are now being utilised for digital marketing, as Search Engine Optimisation experts, use such articles and blogs to get the websites in a higher search ranking in search engines primarily Google. Now that Google has changed its preferences for online content and dictates that websites need to have more than a thousand words on their webpages, then only will it release its spiders to crawl through the content for indexing and higher search rankings. Other than this, copywriting which refers to writing promotional material for advertisement purposes has taken a new form now known as web copywriting.

Copywriting has been prevalent from the onset of advertisement via other marketing mediums such as newspapers, magazines, billboards etc. Accordingly, now web copywriting is performed for marketing on the internet. All those Facebook posts are an example of web copywriting. All kinds of advertisement material we come across with enthralling catchphrases are examples of web copywriting.

The rising scope in Writing

If you possess the flare for writing but are uncertain due to discouraging statements from your peers who lay more emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based disciples and careers, you need not let yourself be disheartened. There are plenty of freelancing as well as, full time opportunities for writers springing up in much of the globe in the present. Publishing a book is no more a strenuous task for you can publish your material in the form of an Electronic book or E-Book. You could work as a proof-reader or editor online and provide thesis editing and proofreading service without having to travel all the way to the student.

If you are creative and an enthusiast with a knack for grasping new knowledge, you can conduct researches and craft articles without any complexity. Marketing is crucial in all forms of organizations even the ones who are operating not-for-profit because having an established clientele is extremely vital to the functioning of an organization, hence the rise of digital marketers and accordingly; content writers. You could be a major in liberal arts but still provide thesis writing help on the web in engineering dissertations with your skills which enable you to grapple through the writing concepts. Businesses are now spending on digital marketing to boost their online presence and garner leads since even remote based customers can be dealt with online. Having a functional website is one thing, but having updated content on the website is another, thus the need for a content writer to produce updated content in line with the trends. On the whole, there are a myriad of solutions for writers struggling with job prospects and they can finally gain some leverage over others with their brain’s right hemisphere that a large part of the population cannot. Just search for ‘content writing jobs’ on the internet and see if I’m wrong!

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